Vaccinate the Orphans and Vulnerable

                Prevent these bacterial diseases

1 in 5 children do not have access to life-saving vaccines in Braffoueby. Many children suffer or die each year and this could be prevented by vaccines.

Meningitis - Very contagious and death can occur fast, or possible physical or mental disabilities

Typhoid Fever - Contaminated food or water, 20% fatality rate

Tetanus - Affects nervous system, life threatening for all children and adults

Most people in Ivory Coast do not have the resources to be able to cure a disease.  Prevention is the solution. Elise is one of the lucky children who had a vaccination.  Lack of clean water and poor sanitation leaves children vulnerable to infectious diseases.

$12.50 is the cost of a vaccine.  Many do not make $1 per day.  Life saving vaccines will protect these children.  We could vaccinate 360 children with  $4,500.  WOW!

          Please buy some vaccinations during                                   Thanksgiving festivities!

                                          Children do not need to suffer.


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